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Levoplus is a revolutionary digital money system.

Use Levoplus Coin to make instant payments online or in-store using our secure Bitcoin based open-source platform.

About Levoplus Coin


Levoplus by nature is decentralized being that it is forked from the Bitcoin protocol. There is no central point of authority as the protocol is run by multiple nodes around the world.

Global Payments

No borders. No imposed limits. Levoplus Coin allows its users to be in full control of their money. Its truly democratic from of money


Strong encryption, minimal trust, and practical solutions. Security is our top concerns. Not only to safeguard your balance, but also to shield your privacy from unwanted eavesdropping.

mining & Low Fees

Levoplus is minable currency and everyone can mine it. It has very low fees which is based on network. You can get Levocoin from any person who has it or buy from .

Levoplus Coin

Levoplus is a decentralized cryptocurrency which seeks to provide real world application of blockchain technology through the tools and platforms Levoplus Coin has to offer. Levoplus represents the core of all Levo projects, benefiting holders through the Levoplus Reward program.

The Viral Exchange

We produce open source solutions for the blockchain industry. A wide range of decentralized products and services can be built with our platform. We will power the blockchain technology used by people around the world.

Freely Exchangeable

Because of the on-by-default nature of the privacy technologies, Levoplus is Easyly exchangeable, meaning one Levoplus coin will always be equal to another. This means you won’t have to worry about Levoplus Coin blacklisted by exchanges or vendors.

Why you should try Levoplus

Very fast transactions

Don't waste your time with transaction confirmation. Levoplus block time takes only 60 seconds and is confirming after 10 blocks with very low fees.

Up to 50% p.a. interest

How to make more from your Levoplus? Keep your wallet online and get your interest up to 50% per annum . Levoplus is staking after 8 hours.

250 times more space

We care about space for global transactions, so we build 250 MB block size which is ready for worldwide Levoplus adoption.

Download your Levoplus wallet

Choose your operating system. Save the file, extract it first and run. Kindly allow your antivirus and firewall. Wait for syncing. Done!

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